Winn LaRue

Winn LaRue: Acting, Voice-Over, Improv, Sketch and Stand-Up Comedy.


Winn is a bonafied comedienne, she exudes a strong personality and charisma.


In true pioneer fashion, Winn LaRue was the first baby born in Fort Worth, TX in 1981. She’s been blazing paths for herself and others ever since. Winn has pursued her passion for comedy, film, and theatre from Dallas to New York, Alaska to Spain. A graduate of the improvisational comedy programs at Dallas Comedy House and Four Day Weekend, Winn is thrilled to continue her passion for performing with Stand-Up, Improv and Sketch Comedy. Winn looks within to create comedy from her own misadventures in life, love, and looking for the positive.


My purpose is to bring you joy through my truth in comedy.

– Winn LaRue


Winn lives and breathes comedy, always surprising and delighting people around her.

Winn LaRue is a one of a kind human being and a pleasure to work with on our voice-over project. She tailored her talents for a project at the request of my company, Catalyst Partners. It's only a matter of time before she is discovered by Pixar and voicing projects for the major animations.

- Mike Fields MBA

With Love




Winn first received public attention as the first baby born in Ft. Worth, TX in 1981 and has enjoyed entertaining audiences ever since. She can currently be seen performing improv, stand-up and sketch comedy around Dallas and Ft. Worth. She has appeared in TV, films, and podcasts, and has also performed voiceover work in both English and Spanish.


Since graduating from the College of St. Catherine with a BA in Political Science, Winn has studied with some of the top improv talents from around the US. She completed training programs at both Dallas Comedy House and Four Day Weekend (Ft. Worth) and took classes at HB Studios in NYC. Winn has also shared her passion for improv as a teaching assistant at Four Day Weekend and a founding instructor of the improv program, Improv1st, at First United Methodist Church in Fort Worth.


An avid traveler and collector of experiences, Winn channels her various (mis)adventures from living in Texas, New York, Minnesota, Alaska and Spain to create comedy about life, love, and looking for the positive.

Voice Over Reel


Winn, an amazing talent!  Why?   Not only is she unique,  special, delightful, gifted and tenacious but she embodies the American spirit.  "Where there's a will by golly there's a way!"  One of my all-time favorite VO students!

-Sheryl Powers

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